Here at Ozark Airfield Artworks we offer a large selection art prints. These prints mainly
depict modern and historic aviation along with military, civil and space flight. We also deal
with naval subjects and military armor and infantry works. These prints are from all the top
national and international artists along with some local artists. Many of our prints are
signed by the artist and by famous pilots and veterans. If you are looking for a specific
plane, pilot, artist or subject please contact us.
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A note from the artist:

I have been a professional artist since 1992.
My main focus is in the area of my true
passion, aviation. My love for aircraft started
when I was three years old. Trips to the
Dayton Air Show and the U.S. Air Force
Muesum, when I was a child started a lifelong
pursuit to be involved with one of America's
greatest heritages; flight.
                           - Jason Breidenbach

Jason also does commissions, please contact
us for information on having a painting done
by Jason.   
Open Edition Giclee
Print Size

11" x 17"
"C-54 Skymaster"
Boeing C-54 Skymaster, used during the
Berlin Airlift, following World War II.