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Here at Ozark Airfield Artworks we offer a large selection art prints. These prints mainly
depict modern and historic aviation along with military, civil and space flight. We also deal
with naval subjects and military armor and infantry works. These prints are from all the top
national and international artists along with some local artists. Many of our prints are
signed by the artist and by famous pilots and veterans. If you are looking for a specific
plane, pilot, artist or subject please contact us.
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Stephen Mudgett is a very diverse artist. Read below a letter from Stephen
about what he does. If you have any questions for Stephen or want to
know more about his wildlife and landscape art please contact us.

What I do    by Stephen Mudgett,
I am a Freelance Artist. I paint Representational Art, that is to say, realistic
depictions of actual places, objects and events.

My specialties are landscape, wildlife and portraiture, though my real
passion is aviation art. I strive for photo-realism in my renderings, yet I can
be versatile, if the need exists. I'm finding I'm not the slave to hiding the
brushstroke as I used to be. I used to think if it could be hidden, that the
viewer would be totally immersed in the impact of the image, not distracted
by technique.
As my skills mature, my attitude about technique has changed.

My product line includes prints, both limited and open edition, original
paintings, using traditional mediums such as oil, acrylic, watercolor. I also
produce digital as well as conventional airbrush illustrations.

I am available for Mural and Fine Art Commisions, Custom Aircraft Profiles
and Graphic Art and Design services.
Oil Painting Cleaning, Photo Restoration and Antique Frame
Restoration are other special services that I offer.

On this web site, you will see examples of the extensive products and
services that I offer.

I hope you find something that you like, while you are here.