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"Major George E. Preddy Jr.
The Kidd
"New Year's Bash"
Black Sheep Sweep
American Patrol
signed by Two-War Ace Lt. Col. John F.  Bolt
Shark Patrol
In Troy's own words...“The
subjects of the majority of
my paintings are inspired by
a life-long interest in
aviation in general. I enjoy
painting all types of planes
and their pilots but confess
an affinity for historic
military aircraft, especially
aircraft from the WWII era. I
like to use vivid colors and
large canvases while
focusing on portraying the
more radical angles and
maneuvers of flight. I draw
from my experiences as a
pilot and skydiver to stretch
beyond the flat and level
world into the dynamic
passion and freedom of the
limitless sky. I strive to add
an element of tension to
each piece and draw the
viewer into experiencing
the sensation of flying
through my artwork.”
"The Shepherd"
"Dicke Autos!"
signed by 12 victory ace Wing
Commander Bobby Gibbes
DFC, Squadron Leader Bruce
Watson DFC and Flight
Lieutenant Ted Sly DFC.
All The Way
"Moonlight Serenade"
Here at Ozark Airfield Artworks we offer a large selection art prints. These prints
mainly depict modern and historic aviation along with military, civil and space flight. We
also deal with naval subjects and military armor and infantry works. These prints are
from all the top national and international artists along with some local artists. Many of
our prints are signed by the artist and by famous pilots and veterans. If you are looking
for a specific plane, pilot, artist or subject please contact us.
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